Copper - Coated Continuous solid wire for MIG/MAG welding
Classification   AWS/SFA -5.18
ER 70S-6
A copper coated solid Steel wire for MIG/MAG welding of carbon steels. Normally recommended with
CO2 Shielding, also can be used with Ar-CO2 mixtures. Uniform copper coating, smooth feeding, stable arc and minimum spatter under optimum welding conditions are the speciality of MIGFAST-1.
Approvals   M. N. Dastur & Co., CIB (Maharashtra)
Maximum applications in Automobile Industry, Construction and Mining Equipment, Railway Wagon
and Coaches, Storage tanks, Pressure Vessels, Steel Furniture, Pipes, LPG cylinders and Structural
Welding current   DCEP
Wire Chemistry
C Mn Si S P Cu
0.06 - 0.15 1.40 - 1.85 0.80 - 1.15 0.035 max 0.025 max 0.50% max

All-Weld Mechanical

{ CO2 Shield }

UTS YS Elng.(%) CVN Impact values at
N/mm2 N/mm2 ( I = 4 x d )  
500 min 420 min 22 min 0°C 50J
      -30°C 27J
Obtained with normal welding parameters.The values may change if parameters are changed markedly.
Shielding Gas   CO2 Consumption rate 10-12 lit / min
Welding Position   Down hand / Horizontal / Vertical
Sizes (mm)   0.80, 1.00, 1.20, 1.60
Packing Specification   Supplied in spools.
Net Weight of Spool   12.5 / 15.0 Kg approx.
Packing   Each spool is sealed in an airtight polythene bag and then packed in a corrugated box, which is
again shrink-packed for better protection.
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