Product Name / Specification
Useful Welding Technique Technical Data Principal App. Areas
Electrode for Cutting and Piercing all Ferrous and Non-Ferrous Metals
WELDALLOY GROOVECUT is an ideal electrode for
cutting and piercing all ferrous and non ferrous metals without the need for any additional
equipment like supplementary gas, compressed air or oxygen or special torches, it produces a fairly
smooth cut and pierces metal in all position.
Mark the area to be cut by chalk. Hold the electrode at an angle of 45° to the job and sawing motion to cut. With the sawing motion, press the electrode on the surface of the metal being cut. The high arc force of the electrode and manual pressure ensures rapid cutting.
WELDALLOY GRVOOECUT is meant for cutting and
piercing of carbon steels, low alloy steels, stainless steels, cast irons and non- ferrous alloys of nickel, copper and aluminium base. Though the cut is not as smooth as that produced by gas cutting of carbon
steels. The application of cutting electrode extend to various ferrous and non ferrous metals which cannot be cut by conventional gas cutting process. The electrode is also suitable for cutting and
piercing jobs which are out of position, like rivets, risers etc. Where gas cutting is inconvenient.
Product Name / Specification
Useful Welding Technique Technical Data Principal App. Areas
An Electrode for Chamfering and Grooving.
WELLGOUGE has a special electrode coating to produce high blowing effect and a hot
exothermic arc to remove metal efficiently. The
cut is smooth and the blown metal can be easily
removed from the surface for subsequent
Hold the electrode at about 30-35° angle to the surface being bevelled, gouged or grooved. Push the electrode along the desired line in such a way that the molten metal and slag are driven away. In
doing so make the best use of high arc force and heat of the arc. For deeper groove or gouge repeat the process till the desired depth is achieved.
The electrode is useful in production and
maintenance operations for chaffering, gouging
and grooving all metals commonly used in industry. It is useful for preparing sections prior to welding, gouging out old or defective weld metal and for beveling cracks in assemblies like machine frames without the need to dismantle them, for removing unwanted sections, flashes, risers etc in castings.
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